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Why Tapmedic

For installers

  • An ‘untapped’ market opportunity

  • Better profit per hour than changing taps

  • Consistent parts costs

  • Known parts costs

  • Lower cost than manufacturers demand

  • Enhances your reputation

  • More chance of landing further works

  • Building delivers real satisfaction

  • Become genuinely valued by customers again

  • Fixes approx. 80% of separate hot and cold taps

  • Single visit – No more messing around, merchant visits or internet searching

  • Less than 15 minutes to replace two*

  • Warranty Three year no quibble warranty on ALL registered cartridges.

For consumers

  • Minimise time off

  • Installer becomes ‘My plumber’

  • No more suspicion that the job is being talked up

  • No need to pay manufacturers inflated prices

  • No paying for searching etc

  • No forcing people to replace taps

For Planet Earth

  • Repair much better

  • A genuinely sustainable environmental solution

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