why TapMedic?

TapMedic was invented to make everyone’s lives easier. This list is what we have experienced ourselves as well as things we’ve been fed back but its far from exhaustive:

  1. Convenience for you the professional.
    With our kit, you can fix 90% of separate hot and cold taps in just a single visit.
    No messing around, no wasted visits to merchants, no having to go away to order off the internet, if indeed they are available, and then revisit. Just 20 minutes to replace two (isolation allowing!).
  2. Convenience for the customer.
    Minimal time off, no wasted time off. No more thinking that the professional is daft as you can’t fix a dripping tap or that you are trying to talk the job up.
  3. Profitable for you the professional.
    A consistent price for parts, a known price for parts. A much lower price than manufacturers demand.
    Less wasted time ‘messing around’ and less worry about harming your reputation. More margin than changing taps. More chance of landing their bathroom refurb or boiler replacement.
  4. Cheaper for the customer.
    No forced requirement to pay inflated prices to manufacturers.
    No forced requirement to replace taps.
  5. Delivers professional pride.
    Being able to replicate and construct gives you back a sense of real achievement again. That’s then topped by being genuinely valued by customers.
  6. Repair is better for the environment than replacementing
    It’s the ultimate properly sustainable environmental solution. No more throwing otherwise perfectly serviceable taps away simply because manufacturers make it difficult to find replacement cartridges. That was wrong at every level. Putting a tap back to as good as new just feels right and makes you feel proud.

Feel free to email us with your personal suggestions and experiences info@tapmedic.co.uk