I’m assuming you are here because you have a problem with your taps or shower valve.

Fact is, plumbers default to telling you to change your taps when they drip because, until now, finding replacement cartridges has been both a lottery and a nightmare all neatly rolled into one. By the way, this situation is not of plumbers’ making…

TapMedic changes that. All you now have to do, is ask your plumber to use TapMedic to fix your taps, click HERE to find someone who can fix your taps locally or click HERE to buy our NEW 2PAQ kit for competent DIY. SPECIAL OFFER TILL MARCH 31st 2019 – £30 INC VAT POST FREE!

Fixing your tap(s) or shower with TapMedic means:

  • things are set back to ‘brand new’ functionality
  • over 3968 different cartridges can be fixed
  • bathroom, kitchen taps & many shower valves are now fixable
  • products from over 80 manufacturers can be repaired
  • it’s all done in a single quick visit
  • it costs you far less than new taps or shower
  • that everything stays ‘matching’
  • three years of peace of mind with our no quibble warranty when they’re registered
  • an environmental impact of just 2-3% of new taps or shower

What’s not to like? We are still new, so politely insist on TapMedic being used in your home and make sure your plumber knows they can use TapMedic to help both you and themselves. They can get a kit from us in just 48 hours.

Below are some real world examples:


  • Greenwich – South East London. The video above is of a job using TapMedic. They were fixed in just 35 minutes. Without TapMedic the customer was faced with a £2500 plus bill (his estimate) because everything, as you’ll see is tiled in and would have to have been removed!

  • Boston Spa – West Yorkshire. Similar to the above but not as bad. The customer wanted new taps because the old ones dripped. Two plumbers had been in and failed. The customer had been quoted £1200 for new taps because it was bath out, tiles, side panel tiled, screen etc etc and was furious with original designers & builder. His problem was resolved in just 40 mins (cos he was chatting lots) and at the end he was so chuffed he had the kitchen and utility room taps done too.

  • Newcastle. A plumber from Newcastle who follows us on Twitter, recommended his desperate customer contact us. His shower valve was leaking badly and he was faced with having to retile his whole bathroom if TapMedic couldn’t fix it. It took 25 minutes to fix. Once again an ecstatic customer.