Real problems Real comments

Tim W – (kitchen mixer tap) – South Milford, Yorkshire

‘I recently had the age old issue of a leaky tap.  Knowing the lottery of cartridge compatibility, I was fully expecting to take the hit on a brand new tap. I’m a practical man and try to do things myself but was ready to admit defeat in this case.

David arrived and introduced me to the TapMedic kit, with which he was able to very quickly build bespoke cartridge fittings.  The fit was a matter of minutes and the upshot was that I didn’t have to shell out for a new tap.  I like to know how things work so was keen to see how the device was tailored to my tap.

The cartridge started with a base cylinder and then involved adjustments, interchangeable components and the ability to  trim to the exact fitting.  It is quite an ingenious design yet beautifully simple and easy to calibrate.  It also saved me the expenditure of a new tap.  All in all I was very pleased with the service, the product and the savings it afforded me as a customer.’

Mr F – (bath taps & kitchen mixer) – Boston Spa, Yorkshire

‘I called David as the chap who installed our bathroom failed to return any of our calls. When he (David) told me it would be £1200 to change the taps I was flabbergasted. Why our original (plumber) never explained that I don’t know! Then David showed me his invention and within half an hour had fixed everything. We even got the handles pointing the right way again which pleased my wife no end.

As it was too good an opportunity to miss, we had him replace the parts in our kitchen tap too. He seems to have saved us a small fortune and we wish him and his invention the very best of British.’

To replace the bath taps, the tiled bath panel, bath, bath screen and much tiling would have needed taking out as the taps are mounted at the back of the bath with no access. I told him £1200-1500.