Number of taps in the UK

TapMedic has researched the number of taps installed in the UK using a number of official sources including the Office for National Statistics. All numbers are rounded but our findings are as follows:

  • approx 222 million taps are installed in UK homes, hotels, hospitals, offices, warehouses etc.
  • approx 78 million are single lever type
  • approx 16 million are the traditional multi-turn type
  • approx 128 million are quarter or half turn ceramic disc types

It is this last group that TapMedic‘s kit has been specifically designed to fix. To date (May 2017) we have fixed approx 90% of those we have come across.

2 thoughts on “Number of taps in the UK”

  1. So only 7% of taps are rising or non-rising spindle? I wonder if this can be right.

    In my experience this is not the case, but I wonder how many new homes or new installations contain rising spindle. Very few; I know I had to try hard to find BS1010 taps for my own bathroom. Very cheap taps may have non-rising spindle mechanisms. Finally, everything else has ceramic discs.

    But many public buildings of some age have minimal maintenance budgets and the old rising-spindle taps will survive for a long time. And I wonder how many old installations remain even in the private sector.

    Interesting. You have me thinking now. I’ll be wandering around people’s houses and making tallies of types of taps in service 🙂

    1. Thank you for posting Riccardo.

      Strangely, or maybe not, according to certain national organisations who fix people’s taps, there are both distinct regional and demographic differences in tap populations. Our ‘local’ experience is as we have reported and is replicated when analysing types available from major manufacturers. Truth be told though, none of us can know what is where until we can map every home. We can be sure that isn’t going to happen anytime soon 😉

      FYI, a traditional (multi-turn) tap can be either rising and non-rising according to its design and age. We no longer use that term as we found it caused confusion among both customers and plumbers… For the sake of clarity and ease, we now only refer to “1/4 turn” (which includes 90, 180 & 270 degree versions) and “traditional” (more than 1 turn).

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