TapMedic is designed for professional installers only. We do not supply consumers direct and it is our policy to cease supply to any organisation that does.

We have set out to change our industry. By offering our product to professionals only, we make your lives easier. We know from consumer feedback that using our kits also raises the reputations of our Approved Installers because we can no longer be blamed for being the messenger; for having to utter ‘the’ phrase, “Sorry, but you’ll have to fit a new tap.”

We are championing the professionals’ cause, and delivering a desirable, reliable and high quality alternative to the needless (financially & environmentally), wasteful wholesale changing of taps.


Each of the world’s 195 countries use taps that TapMedic kits can repair.

China alone churns out approx. 500,000,000 cartridges every year. We can then add to that number all those produced in India, Europe & elsewhere. We also know the majority are used in replacement taps because, prior to TapMedic, it has been problematic to source spares economically. TapMedic has changed that game, changed the rules of engagement – for ever.

If you are interested in licensing TapMedic in your country, please get in touch.