TapMedic – the fit

TapMedic works because it delivers a form of standardisation in a world of literal randomness.

Each size of TapMedic cartridge shares the same centre shaft. This means when you revisit a TapMedic valve you only have to carry one size of o-rings and two ceramic disc sets – 1/2″ & 3/4″.

Even before we launch, we know we will be adding more spindles and, over time, we will be adding additional cartridges.

Regardless of how we grow, we will continue to ensure components are standardised where possible because it’s that which makes your lives easier and our product most effective.

We would appreciate you communicating any ideas you have to either improve or expand the TapMedic concept. If your idea is novel and we take it up then we will reward you.

Use our Twitter feed, comments form below or any other means to contact us. Thank you.

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