Tap owner’s dilemma


Let’s face it, we take taps utterly for granted – until they stop working that is! It’s only then their truly vital role hits home – especially kitchen taps. Did you know that the average kitchen tap is used approximately 10 times more than every other tap in a home combined?

Since the 1970s a quiet tap revolution has been taking place in homes across the globe. The traditional multi-turn taps have largely been replaced by the easier to use (and cheaper to manufacture) ¼ turn variety. This change has made life much easier for many users – especially older people – because their design means physical strength is no longer needed to fully close a tap off.

Traditional vs modern

Traditional taps used a few sizes of rubber washer which made them simple to maintain. Today’s now common ¼ turn types (which use extremely flat ceramic discs to control the water) come in ever increasing variants. Unfortunately these variations mean you cannot just nip to a local store (or even plumbers merchants) to buy a replacement cartridge.

A perfectly reasonable question is Why? There are OVER 2000 significant variations of cartridges; any of which could be in any tap. It is impossible for any plumber to carry all, as they would need to spend approx £12,000 just on spare cartridges, so instead plumbers might carry one or two.

Due to the variations (see image on the right), even to get the info required to begin to find a replacement takes time and there is no guarantee of success. A plumber would have to spend their first hour isolating the water to your tap, stripping it down, taking measurements, reassembling it and de-isolating the water. They could then spend another hour or so tracking down a replacement. It then has to be ordered, checked (believe me that is soo needed) and eventually fitted.

All of that time expended is chargable of course and it also presupposes a replacement is available, or available at a ‘reasonable’ price. You only have to search for ‘replacement tap cartridge’ to see that prices range from £4 – £78 (7th Jan 2017). This carefully contrived uncertainty of supply, and its associated cost, is what drives plumbers to advise you to simply not to bother looking but to completely change instead.

When plumbers utter those seemingly wasteful words, an instant change occurs in customers. Quite rightly, most feel angry because you feel backed into a corner. What then happens is an attempt to minimise the pain and damage of paying for something unplanned by choosing cheap replacements. This is genuinely nothing to do with the plumber; the fault lies completely tap manufacturers.

The alternative

Help is at hand. When a plumber carries a TapMedic kit they’ll be able to fix over 90% of your leaking hot or cold cartridges first time every time. Our kits replicate not only separate hot and cold tap cartridges but many on/off valves in shower mixers too.

We have deliberately engineered the quality of our cartridges to be far superior to those used by the overwhelming majority of manufacturers. We chose quality over cheapness because we want you to decide whether to keep your taps rather than be forced by manufacturers into buying new ones. TapMedic cartridges carry a no quibble warranty of 36 months as standard. Manufacturers offer a 12 month limited warranty and third party suppliers as little as 30 days. That tells you much. When a TapMedic cartridge eventually wears out, it’s swiftly brought back to perfect working order by just a few components.

No more:
– being forced to change
– being held to ransom by manufacturers
– having to change both bath and basin taps because just one of them is dripping
– having to take out a bath because of a dripping tap
– needlessly wasting valuable raw materials and energy transporting cheap stuff from China to replace more expensive stuff from China

What’s not to like? INSIST on TapMedic cartridges from here on in; you know it makes sense.

Email us at any time if you need any advice. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we’re able.

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