Glue free at last!

We were never 100% happy with our original design. Specifically:

a) using glue to fix the spindles & shroud adapters – even though the same adhesives is used on cars/trucks
b) having to partially dismantle a cartridge to change its opening direction

This is nothing to do with effectiveness. The glued version worked perfectly because we sought the expertise to make sure we used the best adhesive available. However, a vague ‘not totally convinced’ feeling drove us to improve. Today, TapMedic is a 100% glue and cleaning solvent free zone! Even better, eliminating the glue and cleaning solvent means:

– LESS paper work
– LESS training
– NO H&S implications
– 50% FASTER installation

As you’ve come to expect, our solution is robust, elegant, simple, reliable and plumber friendly.

Let us know what you think?