TapMedic 'Standard' Kit
TapMedic Kit – ‘Standard’

TapMedic is a universal replacement tap cartridge system designed specifically for, and by, professional installers.

Patent application number GB1607111.0, its invention means customers calling about a dripping tap can now be offered a positive alternative to the traditional reply of, “Sorry but you’ll need a new tap because spares are ………” Fill in the blank from any or all of these: unavailable, difficult to source, expensive.

With a TapMedic kit, professional installers can finally fix approx 90% of all the separate hot and cold ¼ turn (ceramic disc) taps encountered – an almost limitless list of ages, makes and models.

This industry disrupting British invention is the only guaranteed, low cost & high quality solution to wear and tear on taps and shower valves – no matter where they are installed. Homes, hospitals, industry and education are just the tip of the iceberg of potential.

Proudly and genuinely ‘Made in Britain’, every cartridge registered enjoys a 3 year ‘no quibble’ warranty.

TapMedic is:
– designed for installers by installers
– very speedy to install
– very simple to maintain
– very profitable

TapMedic Standard KitWhen a TapMedic cartridge eventually wears out, as all mechanical devices eventually do, all that is needed to return it to perfect working order is the replacement of its ‘consumable parts’ – its internals. None of its high quality brassware should ever need changing.

TapMedic delivers for installers:
– increased business opportunities
– hugely improved reputation with customers
– 35-150% more profit than cheap tap changes
– the perfect opportunity to demonstrate ‘green’ credentials

TapMedic delivers for end users:
– reduced costs
– an ‘instant’ fix
– a truly ‘green’ solution
– reliability and longevity
– genuinely minimal inconvenience

The Commercial Director from one of the UK’s biggest plumbers merchants called the TapMedic kit, “The box of credibility…”

A Category Director from one of the other UK’s biggest plumbers merchants said, “This kit solves so many problems for plumbers.”

Overall, TapMedic provides:
– a guaranteed and profitable income for installers
– skilled UK jobs
– saves money for consumers
– saves huge amounts of both raw materials and energy compared to existing solutions

If your business means you make or maintain taps (or shower valves) then email us to explore how TapMedic can help your business – TODAY.